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YOUR COMPLTE PROJECT PARTNER FOR Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning

Marty India Engineering and Consultancy Services is fully focused innovative in basic & detail engineering, project management services provider as well as manpower outsourcing . Marty India offers complete range of services starting from concept planning to commissioning assistance on EPCM basis (Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management).

Marty India has capabilities to handle Greenfield and Brownfield projects in India and outside India. Apart from these, we have expertise to revamp, upgrade and / or debottleneck existing plants to improve yields, plant capacities in cost effective manner and relocating existing plants to new site. We assist our customers to trouble shoot various process operations during commissioning.

In a Short Span of time Marty India has earned trust & confidence of its clients with expertise in plant design.

We provide services for oil & gas, refineries, process plants, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, power plants, pigments and other chemical industries. Marty India has well experienced and trained staff. Our Team strength of “30+” technical personnel includes engineers as piping, process, mechanical, 3D/ modelers, designers, structural /civil checkers and draftsmen.

We are well conversant with Indian, ASME standards. Marty India has most modern amenities that ensure our clients are served with utmost satisfaction. Marty India has secured the faith of our customers through efficient functioning; value added services, adherence and commitment to quality standards that has ensured clients absolute trust on us.

Marty India team is always willing to take challenge, maybe it is for complex structures, tight delivery schedules with customized and job specific services.

Design & Engineering Services

1) Pre-Project Stage

Conceptual Design & Pre project Service

2) Project Execution Stage

Basic/ Process Engineering/ Front End Engineering Design(FEED):

Detailed Engineering:
  • Instrumentation/ Automation engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Architectural, Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Layout & Piping Engineering
  • Instrumentation/ Automation engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering – Fabricated Equipment
  • Mechanical Engineering – Proprietary Equipment
  • HVAC Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

3) Procurement:

  • Post Order
  • Pre Order
  • Fire Fighting Engineering
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Commissioning AssistanceSpecialized Services

4) Construction Management

  • Specialized Services
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Commissioning Assistance

5) Post Project Stage

Pre-Project Stage

Conceptual Design & Pre project Service

Conceptual design phase is very important phase of the project where in certain basic designs are developed for the purpose of obtaining statutory clearances, project cost estimates, ROI (Return on Investment) i.e. Project Feasibility Study, etc. Marty India has developed expertise to prepare such basic designs from laboratory / pilot plants technology. Develop conceptual design for available technology or technology developed in the laboratory.

Services offered:
  • Technology Search
  • Process Route Selection
  • Association and contribution in the process development in laboratory or pilot plant
  • Preliminary basic engineering
  • Due Diligence of Plants
  • Project Profile Preparation
  • Project Technical feasibility report
  • Capital cost estimate and cash flow planning acquired for a project.
  • Selection criteria and master planning of the plot to decide size and type of land to be acquired for a project.

Project Execution Stage

Basic/ Process Engineering/ Front End Engineering Design(FEED):

This is a core strength of Marty India is one of the very few engineering companies involved in process engineering where in we try and bridge the gap between process developed by the chemist in Lab/ R & D Centre to take it to the plant scale.

This involves detailed study of the chemistry, finalising workable process route at plant scale including recovery systems, cost economical selection of equipment and material of construction, Automation & controls, effluent management & emission control, handling & transfer of variety of material etc. This requires detailed knowledge of chemistry, reaction kinetics, unit operations, usage of equipment technology for duty condition, involvement in trials of equipment etc. which Marty India possesses. Secrecy of technology related information is very important and customers feel very safe when they share technology with us considering our systems and integrity.

The key activities involved are,
  • Process scale up and assistance in laboratory scale process development, equipment trials
  • Material & Energy Balance
  • Process & Utility equipment sizing & selection
  • Design & simulation of heat and mass transfer process equipment
  • Design of process hydraulicsProcess flow diagrams & P & I Diagrams
  • Equipment specifications
  • Process control Philosophy & Process control logic

Detailed Engineering:

Marty India carries out detailed engineering in all discipline of engineering including building 3D model for the project. Marty India has developed well defined co-ordination procedure and trained people to carry out detailed engineering simultaneously when basic engineering is ongoing to reduce time line of completion of project. It is generally very rare where without freezing basic engineering and process related details, detailed engineering is started and drawings for construction of facilities are released. This has certainly given us an edge and has always satisfied our customers.

Layout & Piping Engineering:
  • Site Master Planning
  • Plot Plan
  • Equipment Layout & Civil information drawings
  • Piping Layout & Isometrics
  • Drawings for statutory approval
  • Specification for piping, valves & inline components and BOQ
  • Stress Analysis
  • Pipe Support Drawings & BOQ
  • Installation Tender
  • 3D plant Model
Architectural, Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Statutory Approval drawing
  • Architectural working drawing
  • Civil & Structural Design & drawing
  • Road & Drainage Drawing
  • Tender Specifications for architectural, civil & structural work with BOQ
  • 3D Architectural façade/ perspective view
Electrical Engineering
  • Load List
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Specification for electrical HT/ LT items and BOQ
  • Drawing for statutory approval
  • Layout for switchyard & Substation
  • Layout for power, lighting & earthingLightening protection system
  • Installation Tender
Instrumentation/ Automation Engineering
  • Instrument control philosophy
  • Specification for automation system like PLC/ SCADA/ DCS/ Local control panel & selection as per the application
  • Specification for field & control room instruments
  • PLC/ DCS related engineering
  • Layout for instrumentation
  • Installation details, specifications & BOQ
  • Hook up and wiring diagrams
Mechanical Engineering – Fabricated Equipment
  • Design of fabricated equipment as per ASME, BS, IS codes
  • Specification & Fabrication details of equipment
  • Review of vendor’s fabrication drawings
Mechanical Engineering – Proprietary Equipment
  • Selection of proprietary equipment for duty condition
  • Specification for individual & package proprietary equipment
  • Review of vendor’s drawings
HVAC Engineering
  • Ventilation, Air conditioning system design
  • Heat Load calculations & Design basis
  • Zoning, Air pressure/ leakage diagrams
  • Air Flow diagrams
  • Specifications of HAVC equipment and BOQ
  • Ducting layout
Fire Fighting Engineering
  • Prepare specification and tender for Installation
  • Prepare layout of fire hydrant, monitor system and sprinkler system
  • Prepare piping plan for underground piping
  • Prepare specification for pumps, jockey pumps, panels, etc.
  • Prepare specification for fire extinguishers and detection system


We support our customers from finalizing the vendor list till equipment reaches site for installation. For every project to get completed in time, it is important that all the material is procured and delivered in time to site. At Marty India we consider this as our moral responsibility even if it is not written in the contract. Also, from our data bank, we guide our clients to procure items at a reasonable cost. This has earned us good name and repeat customers.

Pre Order
  • Procedure for procurement
  • Vendor Evaluation & Vendor List
  • Enquiry & Obtain offers from vendors
  • Evaluation of Technical & Commercial offers, Discussion with vendors and technical/ commercial recommendation
Post Order
  • Obtain Vendor Drawing & Approval
  • Expediting deliveries till item reaches site.
  • Stage-wise & Final inspection of equipment
  • Dispatch clearance & Bill certification
  • Maintain Material Procurement Status chart

Project Management:

For every project to become successful, there are two important aspects of the project. Project time line and project cost. At Marty India , we are very conscious about it and we always focus on it. We take pride in saying that we have a track record of completing most challenging projects in shortest possible time lines. More than 70% Repeat customers is the evidence of the same.

  • Establish Project co-ordination procedure and project design basis
  • Project Planning & monitoring
  • Project progress reporting & Tracking
  • Co-ordination with client on technical, commercial & timeline related matters
  • Co-ordination within Marty India between various discipline of engineering to met technical & time line requirement
  • Co-ordination with vendors & contractors
  • Co-ordination with construction site and site manager
  • Co-ordination with Inspectors

Construction Management

At Marty India, we believe that even if designs are done in time, procurement is done in time, construction is one area which is affected by environmental conditions, unskilled and skilled labors, non favorable weather conditions. Construction timelines are always squeezed and the same shall be done in safe manner. We support our customers by providing skilled construction managers/ engineers to ensure timely and safely completion of construction, of course while following safety norms.

  • Construction related safety management
  • Construction planning & Monitoring the progress of work at site
  • Resource planning for contractor and monitoring of the same
  • Quality checks of raw material used and construction
  • Contractor’s bill certification
  • Giving clarifications on the design drawings
  • Co-ordination with home office for design clarifications
  • Solve site related problems
Specialized Services

Apart from engineering services, we also provide additional servicesrequired to support the project.

Environment, Health & Safety
  • Construction related safety management
  • Construction planning & Monitoring the progress of work at site
  • Resource planning for contractor and monitoring of the same
  • Quality checks of raw material used and construction
  • Contractor’s bill certification
  • Giving clarifications on the design drawings
  • Co-ordination with home office for design clarifications
  • Solve site related problems
Commissioning Assistance
  • Preparation of operating manuals
  • Water trials
  • Trial production
  • Commercial scale production

Post Project Stage

Marty India takes pride having more than 70% business from the repeat customers. Some of the customers are with us since last 6 years. The sole reason for the same is after sales services provided by us even after many years of completion of the project. The post project services include,

  • Debottlenecking of process to increase production
  • Quality and yield improvement
  • Implementation of process changes, changes in unit operations
  • Review of mechanical strength and integrity of systems.

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